Rayman Origins

Origins TitleThe Rayman series of games have had their highs and lows, but one thing is for certain;  The concept has stood the test of time. I remember back in my youth playing the original Rayman side-scroller on the PlayStation. An amazing, simple game. This latest edition  drops the 3D modelling and goes back to its origins, hence the name.

Whilst being a simplistic 2D platformer; the artwork still manages to capture the fun, light hearted feel of the game. On top of that, the soundtrack sets the scene of the level as you traverse around trying to find the various collectables that are required in order to progress onto the later levels of the game, where the challenge increases. Along the way you unlock various new skills which help you navigate any obstacles you come across, one example being the ability to glide through the air.


Also, notice how I haven’t even mentioned the plot… That’s because its not important. The story of this game may explain why you’re running around defeating the bad guys and saving “Electoons”, but frankly I just don’t care. The game is fun, the plot is just a matter of personal choice. Which is brilliant. Nobody wants to be bored by dragged out cut scenes and long complicated lore.

One criticism I will make of it however is how forgiving the game is if you mess up. There are a ridiculous amount of checkpoints the player can utilise, along with unlimited lives, meaning that hard challenges do not have the classic effect of sending you back quite a way upon death. Ubisoft has just activated noob mode.

There is also a co-op mode available for up to 4 players, which is probably a lot of fun. I can’t really make comment on this as I haven’t tried it yet. My suggestion is: Get off your Call of Duty, take a break from Skyrim and just try this game. You will soon be addicted.