Draw Something!

Its app of the week time! It may only be week 1, but hopefully this can be a regular blog appearance. Each week we will be reviewing our favourite app available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. So without further ado, lets take a look at our favourite app – Draw Something! (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Draw Something is a great new app, produced by OMGPOP, that has really caught everybody’s attention. It is available as both free and paid versions with the paid version being pretty much the same but without adverts and more words to draw. At the very reasonable price of £0.69, I would say that it is worth buying the full version but personally, the adverts don’t really bother me; you can skip them all instantly except the very rare video ad you may be shown. Currently, the app is number one on Free, Paid and Top Grossing apps, all with 5 star reviews!

The app is an online multiplayer game that is based loosely around the board game of Pictionary – it shares a similar theme. You can be paired up with another random player, a friend by using the username or even by using your Facebook friends. The Facebook integration is fantastic as it allows you to easily find all of your friends that are playing and invite those that aren’t. So anyway, you pair up and off you go. If you’re drawing first you’ll be given 3 word options which you must select and go on to draw. They are rated by coin values; 1, 2 or 3 coins. Theoretically, the 3 coin option would be the most difficult to draw but this doesn’t always seem to be the case so don’t be put off! If your partner correctly guesses the object that you are trying to draw, you will be awarded with the amount of coins that were allocated to your chosen word. These coins can then be spent on unlocking more colours, which, believe me, is worthwhile and if you really get into the game, you will definitely want.

Once you have drawn, and waited for your partner to guess, you will be able to watch a replay of your partner watching you draw and see how long it took for them to get it. Of course, this isn’t live, and you are able to skip if you, quite honestly, don’t care! But now its your turn to guess! You will be shown the full process of your partner drawing their object, complete with all mistakes and ‘rubbings out’. There are 12 letters at the bottom for you to use, and the word can be anything between 2 and 12 letters long (I have never seen a 12 letter word but I guess its possible). You have as much time as you need, but hopefully you won’t need too long or I wouldn’t rate your partner that much.

Everytime you guess the word correctly you and your partner will move on a level which provides a nice bit of friendly competition between friends, but bare in mind, if one of you get it wrong you go right back to 0 again!

Overall, this is a really cool app just to have a bit of fun with your friends (or randoms!) and you can take it as seriously as you like – we all think we can draw a masterpiece. I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t done so already.

OMGPOP – Nice one!