U Connect

UConnectlogoApp of the Week time! This one is a very simple and fun time wasting game U Connect by Bit Logik.

The aim of the game is to connect each of the points by dragging your finger across the given shape without retracing over any lines you have already completed. Personally, I think this is great for travelling on the bus or train, as it doesn’t take a lot of effort to enjoy.

It is however, extremely addictive. I downloaded this app around 4 days ago, and if I ever find myself bored or without anything to do I just start playing. And with over 1200 different patterns to challenge myself with I can’t see repetition ever becoming a problem.

One criticism I will make is the fact that using the hint function is a little too easy to use (Not that I need it…). Yes this may help people stop getting stressed out with this game, but it does take away from the challenging part of the game.

But the best part… This app is absolutely free and isn’t plagued with advertisements! Which means your forthcoming addiction to this game can go on uninterrupted. There is also U Connect 2 available; at a bargain price of just 69p.

Available on all those great Apple devices you guys love. Get it now!