Monsters University

Pixar’s Monsters Inc. was one of the best animated films ever, as we have come to expect from the production company, due to the success of the Toy Story series, Up, and Wall-E (Nobody mention Cars 2). So can we expect the second instalment of the Monsters universe to follow in the success?  The upcoming release acts as a prequel to Monsters Inc, and follows the life of two familiar characters through their university life. Mike  and Sulley return as younger versions of themselves in Monsters University. However, the two were not always the best of friends…

To promote the upcoming release a website has been found which imitates a real university’s website. On the site you can find details of the courses that MU offers, Admission information and details of campus life. In short, I want to move university and study at Monsters University School of Scaring. The brilliance of this site is the fact it never explicitly states that its purpose is to promote the upcoming film, instead taking itself seriously as a university site, even making an attempt at mimicking the standard USA .edu web address.

You can check out the site here: