With the GoPro HD HERO2 being released what feels like an age ago, and Sony and Contour busting out new rival cameras, they have outdone themselves securing that they’re still top of the market. Packed with built-in Wi-Fi, 4k features and bumping up the frame rate to 1080p, this camera is beasting the market once again.  But like any piece of kit it has its pros and cons.



  • 4K OK! – The biggest change is that the GoPro now has the ability to film in 4K! Now, it may only be at 15fps (frames per second), so is only really good for timelapses as it doesn’t even reach the 25 frames standard, but it’s still a huge impact and improvement bringing professional standard into the market for consumer use.
  • Built in Wi-Fi! – With everyone on the Internet 24/7, this is great! It allows you to control settings on the camera via an app on your phone! If you don’t have a phone to work it, don’t worry it comes with a handy little control as well!
  • Protune! – This is a great little feature which allows the camera to adapt to its surroundings. Adjusting contrast, sharpness, and colour when you’re shooting in Basic mode giving you raw footage – something for the editors!
  • SlowMo It Up! – Now 60fps on 1080p! That’s seriously impressive and means whatever you’re filming, from extreme sports, like dirt biking, to bar spins on your BMX, it’s going to look cool. It even does 120fps at 720p so any slow mo nut is going to want to get their hands on one. Lets be honest; we all love a bit of slow mo.
  • Light, Small, Perfect! – With the new Pro being 30 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter, this action camera is becoming more and more easy to use everywhere; switching to a MicroSD card to store data, it’s so light you’re going to forget it’s attached.


  • Pro Low Light; not so Pro! – The new go pro boasts low light boosting abilities but really it just uses gain to brighten it up. However, the picture is just noisy so it’s not really better for any serious filming.
  • NO LCD STILL! – With no LCD still unlike pretty much all other cameras, you’re going to have to fork out for the detachable LCD screen which is a lot of money for what you would think of as standard, and if you want control of how your shots are going to look, you’re going to need it.

To be honest, except for a couple of faults, which are still there from the HD Hero2, the only way for this amazing camera is up. It’s a great new release and coupled with some extra bits to buy and is very affordable for what you can do with it. It’s still king of helmet-cams and the only great action camera!