So, We’re Facebook Official! – Relationship Pages

There seems to be nothing more favoured when you’re in a relationship than telling the whole world your business and allowing them to see everything you post to your loved one. This has now been made even easier with Facebook’s newly launched ‘Couple Pages’.

This new feature combines every post, photo and event you’ve ever shared in one nauseating page for everyone you know to cringe over. Now you are able to look back at fond memories during your relationship or be repulsed after an unpleasant break up. But don’t worry yourself singles, the friendship pages which have been around for two years now are due an update with an equally suffocating page between you and your mates.

To view said page, just login into the website and type in One problem though, once the page has been created it doesn’t seem (so far) that it can be deleted. So soon as it’s ‘Facebook Official’ be prepared to be in it for the long run, ’cause at the moment, you’re tied in for life.

As the latest news and the change becomes viral, web users are coming out with mixed feelings. While some love the idea and thinks its cute, others find it invasive, impersonal and damn right creepy, with some even considering terminating their relationships on Facebook in order to keep them private.

We’d love to know what you think and if you’ll participate in the page, so leave us a comment.