1D ‘2’ 3D – X-Factor Stars Go 3D

One Direction have just released news that they’re having a 3D Movie made about them, following in the footsteps of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Hannah Montanah. Sony pictures has declared that it is in production of the showcase and that TriStar Pictures will release it on August 30 2013.

This type of format is nothing new, the twist however is that the famous documentarian, Morgan Spurlock, has taken the role of director/producer. For those of you not familiar with his work, he’s the belly and mind behind the acclaimed documentary, Super Size Me. The Maccy D’s gobbler will shadow the X Factor finalists around, capturing the band’s journey.

Spurlock released: “This is an incredible opportunity and an amazing moment in time for the band. To capture this journey and share it with audiences around the world will be an epic undertaking that I am proud to be a part of.”

The film is bound to have a love hate factor about it, with 1D fans going mental for them and others sick of this money making marketing scheme to promote bands.

“I’m delighted we’re making this film and Morgan is the perfect person to give that access-all-areas, behind-the-scenes look into what it’s like to be One Direction today. What the band have achieved is incredible, they and their fans have made history around the world – this is for them.” – Said Simon Cowell.

One Direction have also been asked to perform for President Barack Obama as well as the First Family at the White House.