South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailer

nRsyiQ4Y9mZ2IKHqKbvISo, the latest advertisement for South Park: The Stick of Truth was shown during the VGAs last Friday, and perhaps let the audience see way too much of certain characters, whilst also still giving us a glimpse into the storyline of the game. If I were less educated in the realms of gaming I would be fooled into thinking that this was an advert for an upcoming episode of South Park. The animation, absurd storyline and humour are a perfect match to the series. The Obsidian game is essentially a mash up of Final Fantasy and the South Park characters that most are familiar with. South Park: The Stick of Truth is due for release next year, in competition with many big releases such as Elder Scrolls Online, GTA V and Bioshock Infinite – the question is: how good will it be in comparison?

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